PRIVATEPRINT is an art book publisher from Skopje, dedicated to editing, creating and supporting of artists’ books, art and curatorial research projects, artists’ writings and related publications. PRIVATEPRINT is founded in 2016. Its founders and editors-in- chief are Marija Hristova and Ilija Prokopiev.

* PRIVATEPRINT publishes books, taking the role of editor or curator, or chief implementer of the project, in collaboration with the authors, researchers or institutions. The materials (visual, text, research and similar) may be offered by the authors themselves, or selected by PRIVATEPRINT. The materials, the topics or the authors, researchers or institutions are selected carefully and the project is realized by PRIVATEPRINT in its entirety, from the development of the idea, the design and the printing, to its promotion and distribution.

* PRIVATEPRINT publishes books of materials that are previously prepared (artists’ books, research projects and similar) and edited by the authors, researchers or institutions. The materials should be entirely in line with the core activities of PRIVATEPRINT. The submitted materials are subject to selection. PRIVATEPRINT fully attends to the process of printing, distribution and promotion of the books.
PRIVATEPRINT offers services of design and preparation for printing books, catalogues, portfolios and similar publications, upon the request by an author or an institution. Clients and collaborators: Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje \ Macedonian Young Lawyers Association \ Tiiiit! Inc. (First Born Girl Festival) \ Center for Research of Nationalism and Culture (C.I.N.I.K.) \ IMPACT Institute for research \ Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC).
PRIVATEPRINT Studio is an association for interdisciplinary research and practices in the contemporary art, established in 2018. The goals of the Studio are focused on scientific and interdisciplinary research and practice in the contemporary art and culture, with a special attention on the art book as a contemporary artistic practice, seen in a larger socio-cultural context. The active engagement at the field of the independent culture and raising awareness about the new media and forms of expression in the contemporary art, on Macedonian and international scene, are also part of the goals of the Studio. The activities include organizing exhibitions, publications, presentations, multimedia events and collaborative projects, as result of the research and interdisciplinary practice of the Studio.