1. What kind of books do you publish?

PrivatePrint is an art book publisher. This publishing model is oriented towards contributing to fields in which publishing or books aren’t the primary goal, but they generate content that can be elaborated through this medium. Even though, primarily, artists’ books were projects by visual artists that used the book space to create an art-work, later on, this specific genre becomes more inclusive to social and political issues, assumes activist functions and opens opportunities for critical views on the subject matter it represents. The approach in these projects is artistic and interdisciplinary, with experimental aspects when it comes to the treatment of the book space and the content.

In that sense, PrivatePrint’s books are artistic, research and documentary projects that offer an interdisciplinary and critical approach. Through our books we re-think the context of publishing, the book and the print media, creating a new space for expression for visual artists, as well as for authors from other creative disciplines (architects, multimedia artists and so on). We see every book as an individual project that we always work on from the beginning: starting from the very idea, the editing work, and the communication with the author during the creation/preparation of the work, the layout, printing, to the promotion and the distribution.

Regarding our practice with book projects, we can designate a few editions: artistic research projects by authors from different creative disciplines; documentary projects with an interdisciplinary approach on contemporary art, architecture, design, social issues etc.; as well as the newest Emerging Concepts Edition, developed on the basis of occasional thematic open calls on issues from fields such as activism, politics, identity, that we believe would benefit from a new and innovative discourse that an art project perspective could offer.

Take a look at all of our titles in the section: Publishing!

2. I have a proposal for a book, how can I apply?

If you have a proposal for a book, feel free to send us a project proposal, no longer than 2 pages, with materials from your current project work (if applicable) at info@privateprint.mk. Keep in mind the guidelines outlined in the question above regarding our editorial policy, as well as the fact that our work implies full editorial involvement in the project in close communication with the author.

3. My book is already written and I would like to publish it through your publishing house.

We don’t publish already completed books; rather we work on proposals that will be subject to the editorial work done by PrivatePrint. However, even if you have a completed work, you can send us a proposal for collaboration. But keep in mind that our work implies full editorial involvement in the project in close communication with the author, from suggestions to changes and conceptualization of the book according to our publishing principles.

4. I write poetry/short stories/novels/plays/literary essays… can you publish my book?

PrivatePrint doesn’t publish literary genres, except when the work contains aspects that are in line with PrivatePrint editorial policy (see question 1). Keep in mind that our work implies full editorial involvement.

5. I would like to publish my doctoral, master thesis, academic research; can I do that through your label?

PriatePrint doesn’t publish academic studies, except if the study is re-elaborated in line with the editorial policy of PrivatePrint (see question 1). Keep in mind that our work implies full editorial involvement.

6. Where and how can I buy your books?

Our books are available in our studio as well as through the distribution network. At the moment our studio is closed for visitors, but feel free to contact us at info@privateprint.mk to order a book, which will be delivered at your address. This opportunity is only available on the territory of N. Macedonia, and for every order over 10 EUR the delivery is free. Visit the website section: Distribution to see which bookstores in N. Macedonia and Europe sell our books, as well as to check out the possibilities for online sales.

7. I only need editorial/book design, what do I have to know?

PrivatePrint works on design for publications, brochures, as well as poster design, design of advertising materials, such as flyers, pamphlet, etc. If you need our graphic design services, please contact us at info@privateprint.mk and send us a detailed description of the project and the amount of work - what do we have to design, what type of publication, what does it contain: text, visual elements, tables, infographics, graphs, etc. Then we will send you an offer.

8. I have an idea for a publication that I would like to publish; do you work as editors on publications that are not published by PrivatePrint?

PrivatePrint offers the service of editing a publication, by curating material and its complete preparation. If you need this service please contact us at info@privateprint.mk and send us a detailed description of the project and the amount of work - what type of publication, what does it contain: text, visual, or documentary material, etc. Then we will send you an offer.

9. Can I rent your space for my project/workshop/lecture?

We don’t rent our space, outside the program of the studio. The space of PrivatePrint’s multimedia studio is used exclusively for exhibitions and events that are part of our program.

10. What kind of events do you organize at PrivatePrint Studio?

Promotional events for our publications, as well as exhibitions in collaboration with artists.

11. I would like to visit your studio, what do I have to know?

The studio is also our working space, as well as a place where you can find all our publications, the original art-works from our artists, as well as other printed materials. You can visit the studio even when there aren’t exhibitions, during our working hours and on appointment. Currently, due to the global health crisis, the studio is closed for visitors. Please feel free to contact us through our social media (links below on this page), telephone numbers, or at info@privateprint.mk.

12. Can I send you a text to be published at your blog?

We publish different types of posts on our blog: interviews with artists whose practice is closely related to artistic publishing; reviews or information about events connected to artistic publishing; essays on subjects like curating, art books, the print medium as an artistic practice, as well as other interdisciplinary topics. If your writing or research work is related to these subjects, please contact us at info@privateprint.mk.

Visit our blog (click at the section: Studio)!

13. How can I support your activities?

PrivatePrint is the first specialized art book publisher in N. Macedonia and we are broadening our practice in the non-profit sector for further research, rising of awareness and development of the field. Any support of our work is welcome and will be of great benefit for the further development of our numerous activities. Click at the button: Support in the right upper angle of our homepage and read more about how you can support our activities.